Auto-rig Pro [3.51]

Hello lucky,
Love your addon! I am new to rigging in Blender, and I’ve managed to hit a snag with something that has me pretty stumped. I have a fully rigged character with some animation actions and I’ve been trying to export those from Blender and bring them into Marmoset Toolbag 3. Everytime I do, I get a black screen in Marmoset and cannot see the model or anything else, but they do show up in the object hierarchy. This only seems to happen when I import a model w/ the armature, so it isn’t just a random display driver issue. I’m also not getting any errors when I export the character. It is worth mentioning I’m using some corrective shape keys and have custom bones for hair and some other additional rigged mesh parts.

I keep trying different FBX export settings to see if I can get a different result, and it just isn’t working. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Is there any reason to believe skinned meshes + armatures created with auto-rig pro would be incompatible with Marmoset?

If so, it’s not any kind of a dealbreaker, I am mainly using auto-rig to make game animations for a Unity project. My goal with Marmoset is actually just trying to get a posed version of the character exported from Blender and into that software. As an alternative to importing the rig and everything else, I’ve been trying to “bake” the pose by applying transforms, so that I can export the mesh only, but that doesn’t seem to be working either (it just resets the pose when I click export). Is there any way I can export the posed mesh without the armature?

Hello everyone!
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First of all I love the add on.

I’m curious if I’m breaking any functionality by replacing some of the base deform bones? There’s some extreme poses where the clipping get’s pretty bad that can’t be easily fixed by corrective shapes, so I’m experimenting with having a extra bone for knees and elbows. Deformation has been disabled on the original leg bone and I’m just using copy rot, loc and stretch to on the extra bones. So far it seems to work in Blender, but will it have trouble with unreal or even in blender? I’m not intrested in compability with the default unreal skeleton.

Sorry I dont know how to use this forum. it looks like neverendig thread where everyone can put a message.

problem : after armatures retargeting the foots of character stick to floor at the world begining.

in this case source foots bones are matched to c_foot_fk.l and c_foot_fk.r
I was also trying with rest of ‘c_foot’ bones but without results…

Do you have an idea how to fix it?

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Hi, i must say this is amazing addon to export for unreal engine !

However the export of the rigged model takes very long time even if the mesh is not dense. Sometimes the models i have to rig does not have not exact a pose like epics mannequin so i have to move the bones, match to rig and then export to see how it will look with mannequin animations inside unreal. And this requires multiple export but this is slow.

If export time cant be fixed, is there maybe a way to preview the final mannequin (for example idle)
inside blender? So i can avoid multiple exports and fix the positions before i finaly export to unreal?
Thanks in advance and thanks for this nice addon.

I have additional question regarding facial bones made by Autorig for export to unreal. I was adding the facial bones with Auto Rig pro Smart funktion, and skinned the face to this bones.
I used this settings:

Import to Unreal

There is a warning message. If i proceed it imports broken character.
What did i wrong? I can also post you a blender file if you would like to have a look…

PS: I have solve the problems. The problem was that i added facial setup after creating rig. If doing so, the rig was reseted to 3 spine bones instead of needed 4 to work insiden unreal…

Hey everyone,

So, exporting to UE4. Is there a way to export “c_eye_target” bone from ARP to UE4? Thanks!!

I have a question regarding pose and rest pose. Is there a way to bind meshes to a rig in a pose mode instead of rest pose? I have a jacket mesh which is already sculpted in the pose and i want to bind this so if i go back to the rest pose it deforms with the body mesh. If i bind the jacked in pose mode it doesn’t work.
If i “apply pose as rest pose” i can bind the mesh, but then i lose the A-pose…
Thanks in advance.

Sorry for the simple question.
Is there a way to add bones for hair to an auto rig?
I went through some tutorials and blogs,
I couldn’t find it. Thank you.

Hi all!

After reading the official documentation, watched all youtube videos of Auto Rig Pro even from users, and days of testing, I did not manage to make mixamo animations work. I am pretty sure that it is because I am not linking properly the bones in the Bone list between source and target bones.

As the rig generated by ARP has always the same names, and mixamo´s rigs have always the same names, I really really appreciate if lucky or someone can share the Mapping Preset file between both, as in official Remapping video it is directly loaded to match a mixamo animation, so the targeting process of individual bones is skipped.

Please help and Thanks in advance!

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I will like to know please if your addon have, or will have, secondary controls for rotations for helping with gimbal lock issues.

See for example in the Rain rig here:

I use that option back when i animate in maya with advanced skeleton plugin and it really helps when the main rotation control got stock in gimbal lock.


I’ve been adding more ears and just using them for hair.

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Do you have a video demo of how the retargeting works?

@gaistaz Sorry, I have no experience with Marmoset. It might be an issue on the Marmoset Fbx import end, incomptability regarding Fbx file format version (2016, 2017…)

Changing the built-in limbs rig connections is likely subject to issues when exporting, yes. It may or not work depending on the case, it’s a “do it at your own risk” case :slight_smile:

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Please see here:

No “breaking” performance issues have been found yet, although it may be slow to export when using high poly meshes (~100.000 tris or more) or long/multiple animations (multiple minutes of animation to export).
There may also be “performance breaking” systems in the scene, such as cloth modifiers, or any other modifiers that require heavy computations. These modifiers are evaluated when exporting animations, even if they’re not part of the rig, leading to slow downs.
If you still can’t find the cause, feel free to send the blend file i’ll have a look:

Regarding the mannequin pose compatibility, the latest Auto-Rig Pro released a few days ago includes better rotation for fingers, when using the “Set A-Pose” function.

For other bones rotation problems in game engines, you can see here:

Yes, you can tag it as custom bone:

The perfect way to do it would require to script, but it’s probably faster to simply apply the pose as rest pose, bind it, then pose the rig in the previous rest pose, apply the armature modifier of the jacket, and save it as a different file. Then append the jacket from this file into your original file.

There are no hair bones as presets currently, but you can easily add your own set of new bones, and save it as a new custom limb if necessary.