Auto-rig Pro [3.64]

If the problem is binding removes your hair vertex groups, you can lock vertex groups to preserve them, please see here:


Excited to announce the new Quick Rig extension addon for Auto-Rig Pro is out.
This allows to turns quickly a skeleton with skinned meshes to a full rig with controllers ready for animation, posing and export. No more necessary to re-rig a character that already has a base skeleton with weights!
Thanks to the beta testers, and hope you will enjoy!

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Hi Lucky.

An add-on for an add-on? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :frowning:
Why not just simply updating Auto-Rig Pro?
This reminds me of this post.

If it was another add-on, I could understand, but for Quick Rig to work, it needs Auto-Rig Pro. It looks like a new feature which should just be part of an Auto-Rig Pro update (IMO).

These “add-ons for add-ons” make me think of Paradox Interactive games and their numerous DLCs.
I hope this is not a trend because it sucks a bit for the guy who bought an add-on and who would like to benefit all the features in a single package.

I guess that from now on, we have to get prepared to pay for extra add-ons for add-ons, one for each new feature. :confused:
I am a bit sad, tbh.

I can understand your frustration, but I don’t think BlenderMarket has implemented such a feature where you can buy an additional pack on the same product page.

Personally, It doesn’t bother me since you’re funding his work for further updates.

Note: Keep in mind, this is a HUGE addon that works on top of the Auto-Rig Pro system.

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I understand your point of view. However, basically there were 3 options:

  • Including Quick Rig in Auto-Rig Pro as is
  • Adding it as a product variation, resulting in a third variation (lite, complete, complete+quick rig)
  • Adding it as a new addon

This addon is more than 3k lines of code (and will continue growing in the future), and is a totally new feature to Auto-Rig Pro, which is around 40k lines of code. Yes, it’s a rather big addon already :slight_smile: This leads to more maintenance work, and more support for users. Then it made sense to opt for the second or third option.
Adding it as a product variation is somewhat clumsy. What if a user wants Quick Rig, but doesn’t need the Complete version of Auto-Rig Pro, only light? This would lead to create a bunch of product variations (lite, lite+quick rig, complete, complete+quick rig)
Then it made more sense to release big new features such as this one as separate addons. This way, users can choose on demand the features they need, and only support/pay only what they need which is more flexible.
Note: $10 for lifetime updates is pretty cheap. Some similar addons for other softwares cost a lot more, without updates. Considering the covid crisis and other reasons, I prefer to keep it affordable for everyone.


Dude has automated one of the most boring processes to ever exist in animation and you are complaining about $10? Seriously? Think about that everytime you have your fancy $6 latte.

@lucky keep on rocking


@lucky Do you have a Patreon or PayPal? I would like to occasionally send a few more dollars for the continuing development and support you provide.

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I am not complaining about $10 (btw, this is not only $10, this is $40 + $10).
btw, may I remind you that not everyone in this world can afford to buy a latte (and $50 is, for some people, not easy to spend on a software/add-on).

I am expressing my dislike about the concept of asking users of an add-on to pay for each new feature.
I forsee that in the future addons will cost like $40+ $10 + $10 + $10 + $10 + $10… but I see that this is something that doesn’t bother you.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that Lucky’s add-ons are great, I just wanted to express my opinion about this “new” way to get all the features of a given software/add-on.

This reasoning is true for basically everything. E.g We buy electricity to run a computer > we buy an OS to use the computer > we buy a software that runs on this OS > we buy an internet connection that works with the software > we buy extensions for these softwares… Everything is practically extensions/addons.
I don’t think modularity is intrinsically bad. Modularity is flexibility.
But be assured, I don’t intend to release new extensions for Auto-Rig Pro every months, that’s not the point. This is the first one in 4 years, and the addon has grown pretty big already.
Well I won’t go further with this political discussion, but sorry if it’s not working for you. Hope you will still like the addon!



I have sent you an email to discuss about an error that “Root Motion” does not work when export to UE4. Do you have any fix for it?

Hi, same problem as mrlee207, root bone missing after export. Also tried versions 3.56_17 and 3.43_22, with a character and just an empty rig.
Another question is how to retarget several actions, or redefine rest pose for all actions. Also is it possible to animate c_traj bone for amimations like mixamo without root bone when auto retargeting?

@lucky or any ARP user who can answer. This stretching in IK mode is caused by auto-stretch = 1. How can I make the ARP rig from the start so that auto-stretch is 0 for all bones?

If there is no global way to set auto-stretch or make zero, off, the default while creating the rig then:

  • There should be.
  • I must do it independently for each IK capable bone (the box shaped ones?). If so how can I reliably cause the auto-stretch control to appear?

Hmm, I found no PayPal or Patreon for lucky.

Hi any chance that Quick Rig comes to gumroad?
I don`t like BM anymore, i have a huge bibliothek and find nothing there. It seems they do nothing to bring the webside to the 20 century.

I email him to make a tutorial for that, but it seems he is not gonna do it. The document is lacking of information even tutorial videos are not available.

Finger crossed

My solution to the problem. Duplicate the meta rig and add the root bone. Animating or retargeting ARP rig. Then, using this method, I retargeting from the ARP to the meta-rig with the root bone. It’s even better for me, I can export to Godot in glTF format.

He actually sent me a picture that he did differently. He said that c_traj controller must be animated manually, but there is no document to do so. However, I do not know why he has not done any tutos for that particular problems. On Discord channel, there are many people face the same problems as us, but it seems this is lacking of supporting and documentation.

Can someone help me on this? :blush: I have Auto Rig Pro version 3.56_17
But I’m running into an error that appears to be similar to one in May 2019 that was resolved.

Here’s a screenshot of the error that I am experiencing.

A fellow blender-er.

And in case it helps, here is the older error that is similar to the one I’m experiencing.
Love your addon, and thanks again!

Is there a way for the re-mapping to work with Japanese bone names? I always get a error message and I strongly assume it’s the Japanese bone names which are shown properly in Blender.

@mrlee207 yes, replied.

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