Auto-Rig Pro Help - "Not Responding when Bind is clicked"

Hey guys, i’m really newb to rigging so i downloaded and installed Auto-Rig Pro in my Blender 2.82. All was doing fine, but then at the last step, when i click the mesh object and the Rig and click Skin Tab & click “Bind”, blender just hangs and then it says on the top (Not Responding).

What should I do to fix it?

Does your mesh have many polygons/faces? Try checking the “optimize high res” box on the Skin panel. I had it lock up on a 80K faces mesh. Optimize high res fixed that.

@Splododyne hi there, thanks for the reply. yes. i think what solved the issue for me is that i used mesh>cleanup>remove doubles. it still does Not Responding but after a while it gets the job done

By the way, I have another problem,–> the facial rig. After i did the Skin>Bind, everything was working except the head, it’s not following the body when i move the body. What is only working is the eye blinks. Even the mouth and jaw on the mesh are not following when i Grab the rig’s mouth & jaw.