Auto Rig Pro Questions (forum / dead controllers / arm rotation/ twist bones)

Hi Blender People :wave:

I had a few beginners questions about Auto Rig Pro.

First of all is there a dedicated forum for it anywhere? (haven’t found one yet)

Some more specific queries:

How do you get rid of ‘dead’ controllers (ie: they don’t appear to be hooked up to anything) - I seem to have a lot - is the answer just to scale the shapes down to nearly nothing?

Also, is there a way to unlock the Y-rotation on the forearm (Yep, I am aware that doesn’t make anatomical sense, etc, but with the style of anim I am currently doing I need all the freedom I can get and would like to be able to turn axis locks on and off myself)

Finally: I’ve got to call it, I am pretty dippy when it comes to twist bones (I think half the disconnected controllers I have hanging around are these). I wanted to find a walk-through of them being set up in ARP if possible, as I have some fairly dodgy-looking deformations on the arms of my biped compared to my previous auto-rigger (I’ve read the documentation but could use a step-by step). Again, I’ve not had much luck on the search front, but maybe someone has some tip-offs?

Anyway, thanks for any tips! :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you check the Official Docs?
Auto-Rig Pro

or search BA?

Hi RSEhlers - I did, but I think I probably need to look more closely. Thanks for the link to that thread!