Auto Rig Pro : Questions ... too many?


I have purchased Auto Rig Pro. It’s great. … the result I get are pretty encouraging. But …
I am not very experienced in rigging and animation, and there are still a bunch of problems I have to solve with Houka ( my character ).
I couldn’t find answers in the documentation although it is not bad at all … The thing is … mmm … there 3 of these. Gathering them here seems to me useful for I am not necessarily the only one wondering … sorry if it’s wrong.

Getting answers would be great … but also a little clue about what I can study to find them is also welcome.

1°) For the legs, a IK box works well … but not for the hand. No IK. What’s wrong ? Is there an option somewhere I should have set ?

2°) How do you rig and bind a tongue ? …

3°) How do you rig and bind the jaw and the teeth ?


Question 1 :

( Yes, I feel stupid … )

I modeled a jaw and a tongue (separately).
I corrected the armature in edit mode to position the tongue bones in the tongue.
Then I bound the jaw and the tongue to the armature (it’s the Auto rig pro function ).
Then I suppressed the useless vertex groups.
For the jaw, I only left the jaw.bone, for the tongue, the 3 tongue bones.
It works well.
I hope it will help somebody.