Auto Riggings

I came across this auto rig system, it looks relay awsome. But, I’m a total dunce when comes to plug ins. I follow the instructions to add in, but I can’t seem get it to bake on. Always gives me message “Can’t find Speman mesh”. Anyone else out there ever try this yet, and if so what am I doing wrong? Pretty sure it’s something i’m totaly overlooking or staring right at.

also, how does one get the rig controlers to come back on say the premade models he’s got on website? Stretch, IK, FK on off switches and such.

Your link is not visible to anyone not signed up at that forum.

Ummm… Try now, that was actualy the completely wrong link >.> Thought I copied the link before and didn’t think to double check.

did you look at the example-video how to generate the BlenRig?
(it needs some meshs … )

I contacted the guy running the autorig when I was having that issue to. That problem only came up when hit “Full bake” button. After just using preportion and armature button for baking it, seems work just fine. I’m still tryin get it to work out, but I’m still learnin alot about blender and how armatures work. Working on the fine tuning stage is taking me a while. So far, without any tweeks though the model is moving pretty nice.