auto-scale curve modified mesh??

In reference to Blender v2.48a

Object Ingredients:
“Mesh” - a cylinder mesh with a curve modifier
“Curve” - a bezier curve with 3 vertices, each with a hook/empty modifier
“Armature” - a 3-bone armature

Each empty is exclusively parented to a corresponding bone.
(test stage at rest with Mesh in edit mode to show undeformed shape)

When I pose the Armature, the curve and mesh deform correctly. However, the issue I am having is that I want the Mesh to automatically scale (in this case, on the Y-axis), so that the ends of the Mesh always align to the end of the curve.

(pose resulting in Mesh being too short to reach the end of the Curve)

I’ve played around with applying Hooks to the Mesh, as well as experimenting with a few constraints, but I haven’t found a good solution to auto-scale my mesh to ensure that it starts and ends at the outer points of the curve.

Any guidance would really be appriciate and please make your suggestings relavent to Blender v2.48a.

Why don’t I just use a bevel modifier on the Curve, instead of using a Mesh with a curve modifier??

Because I’m rendering with Indigo, which requires the surface to be a UV mapped mesh.

At this point, I’m posing my model, then going back and rescaling the mesh… there has to be a better way.

(I’ve attatched the modifier_test.blend file as well)


modifier_test.blend (184 KB)


Enable CurveStretch on the curve.

Perfect! Exactly what I needed. Thanks for responding.

Now I can properly complete the rigging the upper portion of my audio technology character.