Auto show brush textures

Can anyone think of a reason why the ‘show brush textures’ button should not be automatically switched on whilst in sculpt mode? It seems like an added level of confusion for the UI. It would seem logical to me that when you are in sculpt mode, the textue panel could already be in the ‘show brush texture’ mode and there would be no use for the button itself.

Any thoughts?


btw, drag&drop would be nice too :wink:


The default setup for brushes seems really confusing to me. I know you can delete them all.
On the right side you have the actual default setup and on the left side you have the deafult setup I would choose.

What do you think? Is it confusing to you too?

The left side is what you get with the new default .b25.blend what you haveon the right is what you get if youload an older 2.5 file…

the custom brushes are datablocks, so you could append them into older scenes…

As for the context on the textures panel, that doesn’t even seem needed as the textures in the brush panel in the toolbox are all of the textures in the scene anyway…

I think the Idea is that you should switch between brushes with different textures and settings that you saved as presets. For example:

Brush 1 (Draw brush; Voronoi texture; Strength 50)
Brush 2 (Draw brush; Musgrave texture; Strength 30)
Brush 3 (Inflate brush; Noise texture; Strength 10)

However when I sculpting, constantly keep adjusting setting depending on the situation and keeping different presets aren’t that interesting… In general I think the sculpting UI still need a bit more work…

I would agree except that the ‘show brush textures’ button creates a dynamic 1 to 1 correlation between the panel, and the selected texture which I think is a good thing.

Try selecting textures in the tool shelf with the brush button on, then do it with the brush button off to see what i mean. For ease of use, and clarity, I’d make the ‘show brush textures’ button functionality flip on automatically when in sculpt mode and not even have it as a visible button, it should be an internal switch.