Auto Shutoff add on ??

I was just curious if this could be possible via an add on. I often render my animations overnight while I’m sleeping. Unfortunately my computer (desktop) is also in my bedroom.

I would love to have a way to automatically shut down my computer once rendering is completed. Maybe you could check some setting, in your render settings, prior to actually rendering.

I use a backup program called acronis true image, and they have an option that does auto shutoff upon completing a backup, so I know it can be done with other software. It does a full shutdown of your computer.

I’m sure there could be issues based on what operating system you have. But I guess it leaves me to ask the question

Could it be done with some script, or is there anything out there currently that would do this?

Summary: decide between unix/linux (shutdown -a now -h) and windows (shutdown -s). Not tested yet. Append it to your bash render file with all your render job. (see blenderist, for more information read on)

Hey all,

I think it’s possible if you’re comfortable with unix/linux bash/command files and/or you use batch rendering (rendering per command line). There you could simply create a bash file with all your render jobs - and at the end of the text/bash file add a shutdown -a now -h.

This should be possible in windows too though I don’t know how. But if you search for the shut down command of windows you should find it. Okay, I did it for you:
Use shutdown -s (immediate shutdown). This should do it. (edit: better test it by typing “cmd” in the search field at the windows startup menu and try the command; edit2: please make sure there’s nothing important running - at least no unsaved files or work …)

For bash rendering (even under windows) have a look at (you can get very good advices there, queue rendering for example … it’s splendid)

Hope this helps a bit.
Theoretically I think it’s possible to use even the GUI. I would do it with an extra C-script, but I’m not quite sure how I would check, if blender rendering is ready - perhaps making screenshot every 10 minutes and then analysing the first 500 pixel rows where the render progress indicator is?

But as you see, this would be rather complicated and I don’t know if you can access that native os commands from within a blender addon. (With 2.49 this could have been possible, but now with 2.5+ you can’t even steer events besides by modal operators but I’m still not sure how exactly - and anyway it would be more complicated than the bash rendering.)

Though I’m no expert. So anyone an idea?

Oh and don’t worry, bash rendering is really way cool - especially for those purposes, but also for rendering many hundreds of already setup blender files without taking anything of your time. (-:

You can even change the settings via python … (all explained by blenderist)
Credit to this guy - and blender for its endless possibilities.

jon ardaron

Thanks for your thoughts Jon. I’m running windows 7 64 bit. I’ll be sure to check out the links you posted. I will have look closer at batch rendering via connands. I just think it would be kind of a nice feature to try and build into the interface somehow. Thanks again for taking to time to reply to my post.