Auto Smooth many objects at once

I have close to 300 seperate objects in my scene, mostly nuts, bots, and screws (a mechanical model). I would like to apply the Auto Smooth feature to all of these parts at once, is there a way to do this or do I have to select each and hit auto smooth one at a time? Thanks.

Same problem as adding materials, select one by one and apply it. :frowning: They should make a option to select 100’s of objects and apply with one click a material or another options too those objects instead of select them 1 by 1.

contrast: It’s not possible, but if it was, it would have been in the Copy menu (Ctrl-C) which copies from the active object to the selected objects

JD-multi: Use the Make Links menu (Ctrl-L) to link things from the active object to the selected objects.


Damn, I submitted a patch for this many weeks ago for this and thought it was committed by someone. Looks like it slipped through. I’ll try and remember about it at the next meeting I’m at.

for now i think it’s possible with python?