Auto-smooth multiple objects at once


Is there a way to toggle Auto-smooth for multiple meshes at once? I imported many objects and want to fix their shading, doing it one by one takes too much time. Thanks.

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Just found it. In case anyone wants to know :

  1. Select all objects you want to set smooth.
  2. Set the Auto-smooth at the object selected last to desired value.
  3. Right-click that value and choose “Copy to selected”

Thanks, I had to use google to find this answer because Blender really doesn’t make this obvious, but this seems useful outside of even this question!

you can change any property for all selected objects at once if you hold alt key while changing it


I have found this to be extremely unreliable. It may work well for transforms, but not much else.

Registred here to Like this answer. You saved me!

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Shortcut: CTRL+L > “Transfer Mesh Data” (set options to your choosing)