Auto Split individual Objects Inside of an object

All right the title probably makes absolutly zero sense, but let me explain.

Basically the situation is, I have a TON (like hundreds) of small spheres all in one mesh object (So they are all one object essentially). What i need to do is seperate each sphere into it’s own object, (so essentially selecting one spere and seperating it, repeat hundreds of times. However as that is damn near impossible, I am looking for an automatic route.

Does anyone have any tips? Any scripts? Can anyone write a script to do this?

Any help would be AMAZING!!



does the object contain anything else than the spheres? If not you could just press ‘p’ and select ‘all loose parts’

Otherwise, select all the spheres and press ‘p’ -> ‘selected’ then select the object with the spheres and repeat the procedure described above

Gah! Thank you!!! I have no clue how I missed that one.