auto tracings black and white image ?

(youngbatcat) #1

Does anyone know of a method to either auto trace black values on a white and black image to mesh, or a way to rasie black and white on a shphere like object as mesh.

(realistik) #2

I’m not sure how to do this in Blender (though I know it’s in there) but it sounds like you want displacement mapping. There’s nothing that’ll auto-trace a b/w file and generate a mesh from it, so far as I’ve ever heard, anyway. Displacement mapping will let you raise/lower areas of your mesh (sphere, plane, whatever) based on the intensity of pixels in your map. I assume in Blender it’d default to the same as 3dsmax and white would be raise while black would be lower.

Hope that info helps…

(youngbatcat) #3

Yeah but all displacement does for we is produce a trillion spikes no matter what level slider I place on it, pluss the render time goes through the roof.

(Fligh) #4

Use Manuals Truedisplacement script.