Auto using Cores not working ?

Hi , i have 2 cores , but blender only marks 1 when in auto.

Des this means that my machine is just using one ?

Is there a way to see if my computer is using both ?

This is my task manager, where you see the peaks i was just changing tabs in firefox.:confused:

I wasnt doing nothing really cpu intensive.

I had skype not using it
2 open office
gimp for the screenshot
a pdf

I have a asus g2 , core2duo 2.5 , 2gig ram , ati mobility radeon 512,

I think the problem is actually with your system. This is what 2 cores should look like, no?


Check your OS to ensure that it supports multi-core CPUs, and if so, is using it. Windows, since NT, should auto-detect multiple CPUs and now cores.

im running vista, how do i check that ?

thanks !

Maybe you got screwed oven on a deal?

what do you mean ? i dont ndestand.

But i could finaly have both cores working , but it was going twice as slow.

fuck,fuck,fuck gates !

You need to contact Microsoft.
since you are using an internationalized version, and Vista Home Basic may not support multi-core, but you never said which Vista you are using; they are all different and there are four Vistas.