Auto Weight Paints Not Working

I don’t know, I tired to parent my mesh to my armature for automatic weight paints, but I am getting this message

I don’t know what is, everything is centered on the axis, and the bones are named properly. Am I’m messing a step or something. If anyone could give me some input, I’d really appreciate it.


Clover- Mirrored.blend (7.96 MB)

Your skeleton is not centered relative to the body. If you hide the mirror modifier, you’ll see that the spine is away from the center of symmetry.

You have intersecting meshes. Bad for auto weighting. Also, there are some other mesh errors like flipped normals. Also, bad for auto weighting. Some vertices and faces overlap one another. Again, bad for auto weighting. You have many loose parts in your mesh and those mesh pieces intersect one another. For example the ears are not one with the head. Bad for auto weighting.

All is not lost. Most items can be fixed within a few minute. Separate the loose objects into multiple meshes. Select the mesh, in edit mode select all faces or vertices with Hotkey A, Hotkey P to separate, choose loose parts. Edit those meshes to fix any overlap. This should be easy if you return the merge limit on your mirror modifiers to a more respectable value. If you don’t know what a good default is, delete the modifier and add a new one. Also, with all vertices selected look in the tool panel, UV’s, and find the Recalculate Normals button.

After all meshes have been cleaned up you can re-parent with automatic weights. (Delete all of the vertex groups and the armature modifier for each new mesh before parenting to avoid adding a double armature modifier.)

If you want to have a single mesh after you are done parenting and auto weighting, select all meshes in Object mode, CTRL J to join.

Good luck!

Wow, your right. I just saw that. How can I fix it so it can be in the center of symmetry?

You can center it by selecting what you want to center, set the pivot point to 3d cursor (make sure your 3d cursor is at the center and not off at some random spot), and scaling the x axis to zero.

I think I understand what your talking about. What I’m doing is cutting the model in half and looking for parts which are overlapping with each other(like in the arms). Then after that, I’m going to merge them together. The ears are going to be the most diffucult part through, but I think I’ll find a way to fix them.

I did what you said and it actually work:) I really appricate the advice and the help:)