AutoCAD 2016+ FBX export - import to blender incl. materials/textures

Hi There,
First things first: I`ve tried to search for a solution. Maybe I´m blind. :spin:
I´m totally new to Blender and have to test, if this is an option for renderings (for us).
I did some tests with easy shapes/lights etc to see if the rendering looks better. It does. :slight_smile:

I`ve reached the max of quality possible by AutoCAD (think so) and now we want to higher the quality of our renderings by including more “life” to the renderings. (especially clothes)
Therefore im testing Blender right now. (3DS max is no option)
All our workflow is based on AutoCAD. 3D drawings are “automatically” generated, incl. Materials etc when drawing in 2D.

Drawings made in AutoCAD 2016/17/18
Textures/Materials linked to layers, not to the objects itself.
Models are mixed of solids/meshes.
3D objects arent blocks!

I`ve managed to import the drawing to Blender:

FBX Converter -> 2013
Import FBX to Blender

The Export/Import works pretty fine!
The only problem i got is: No textures/materials

What Ive tried so far:

Inlcuding materials to file at export from AutoCAD - doesnt work
External Ref to textures at export - doesnt work
Save textures to specific folder - doesnt work

Same options as the 3 above, but! assigned the materials to the objects itself. (Not by layer)
Also did’nt work.

Is there anyone here who can help me?

Since I want to insert more details, my last option should be to add/assign the textures again in blender. Would cost muuuuch muuuuuch time (Many objects)

Using Blender 2.77

Thanks in advance.

If more Infos needed, feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

kind regards,