AutoCAD -> Blender

Hey guys,

Bascially, I have an AutoCAD file (and AutoCAD, to export in any form I may need) that I would like to use in Blender.
I would like to Export the different views (Above, right, left, front, back) into images, to use in Blender to recreate the house in 3D, as oppossed to the original version which was of course in 2D.

I thought that maybe simply importing into Blender would be fine, but lining up the views would be difficult (would it be easier than using images of the plans?) I just want to ask before i go ahead and spend hours, with out of scale images and having a horrible time getting everything perfect.

So, import into Blender, or use images taken from AutoCAD to recreate it in 3D?

Easist seems to be using the images from AutoCAD in blender with the new Empty represented as image, so that you can scale up and rotate, and model directly against it and not lose the image when you rotate view. There is import for DXF I think, but not sure about the actual import of different views, as you might still ahve to line them up to use them.

The DXF import is terribly buggy, maybe I could try oder versions of that code, because the 2010 version of DXF and the 2001 version both “disagree” with the Blender import. I may try the 2007 or 2004 versions later.

Right now I am just getting super high res images and importing as planes, then getting everything all lined up (hopefully) correctly.
Hopefully this works sufficiantly, because otherwise the person I am doing this for may be a ‘bit’ unhappy…

I have made 3ds files in autocad but they were solids to import to blender…

Um, I found it easier to use the 2.58 Empty, change the display to image, and then you can more easily arrange/scale them to line them up to match, and you can see both sides automatically. Just a suggestion.

Well, the images/empties idea “worked” but there is a bug where the other planes don’t appear behind eachother. So in the end I had to use a combo of images as planes (because transparency works correctly on those) and background images. Thanks for the suggestion, although probably more suited to cars or something like that, doesn’t work for buildings…

Thanks anyway, I have it all ready to do now…I think it i time to mark as solved…