AutoCAD Cant edit exported DXF

i import a blender file into AutoCAD 2007 via saving as a DXF. I wanted to apply a chamfer to some edges and do some other work i couldnt do in Blender. The problem is that i dont know what kind of object the the model is so i cant edit it. Is it a solid? Line? Polyline? it has faces but when i try to edit it it wont let me.

Yes im new to AutoCAD.

Its likely composed of AutoCAD’s equivilent of polygons, called faces or regions (maybe… don’t know the terminology for sure). However, I do know they’re pretty useless to work with in ACAD. You’ll be much better off either recreating the entire model in ACAD or doing your desired functions back in Blender.

For adding a chamfer to specific edges, look for the bevel-center script in the Python Scripts -> Mesh menu. This should let you perform some limited and clumsy (compared to CAD) beveling. As to the “other work” you’re looking to perform (maybe punching holes, or somesuch?) there are likely ways to do these with mesh modelling, but you have to be creative in how you go about getting them done. Fortunately, blender is flexible enough to allow a lot of such creativity. There’s probably a tute out there somewhere for what your looking to do. The fun part’s finding it! :slight_smile:

Autocad might be grouping the .dxf into one object.You can try to explode the object in Autocad. On my Autocad the explode button has a little stick of tnt on it. You can also try .3ds format that Blender and autocad can import and export.

if i export the model as a .3ds from blender and import it into AC then will it be a solid?

is there any “easy” way to take a Blender model into AutoCAD, SolidWorks or Catia as a solid model that i can deal with.