Autocad to blender route

What is the quickest route for a Autocad model to be imported to blender?
Any Dxf/Dwg to Obj converter? Anything?

The Dxf importer in blender doesn’t work at all.
I know I can do that with an old version of Sketchup (Newer versions dropped dxf support), but that’s messy.

Save your Autocad file as a .obj. Then import the .obj into blender.

Accutrans from here: always used to work nice.

Anything free?

Exactly what are you trying to do?

There are free CAD programs you can use to convert your DXF/DWG files. All you do is load the file in the CAD program and save as/export as .obj.

Simply, yes: Blender. Blender does good when importing .obj files. As of yet, I’ve never had a problem importing .obj files into Blender.

I’ve made a precise surface model in autocad. Wan’t to port it to blender quickly.
Thing is, Autocad does not export OBJ, unless I get a plugin that is expensive.

There are free CAD programs you can use to convert your DXF/DWG files.

Any examples?

Two examples are FreeCAD and BRL-CAD. FreeCAD has two different versions.

There used to be a 3DSOUT command in AutoCAD, you have to install ax module separately, BUT seems like it is no longer supported for 2010-ish versions (only 2008 and earlier). You can try STLOUT but it has it’s own disadvantages. Useful advise can be found here:
I think ACAD supposed to have a means to export FBX somewhere.

As for 2D data, I prefer to import DXF using 2.49 and then work with this file in 2.5.

The removal of the 3dsout command is really a pain and AutoCAD’s FBX export is broken. I’d suggest trying exporting to dxf (12 or 2000) and importing in Blender 2.49, then just saving as .blend. For me the degradation in compatibility is the main factor making me regularly consider cancelling my AutoCAD subscription.

Blender 2.60’s dxf import is not broken, but it is limited in the types of objects it supports. For example blocks and polylines do not get imported, but if you would first explode them to become ordinary lines then import should work fine.

Personally I use SketchUp pro to convert .dwg files to .obj before importing them to Blender, but that’s just because I happen to have that program installed.

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