Autocomplete for sculpting?!

Hey guys I found this interesting siggraph presentation on youtube:

This seems like an interesting time saver. I also noticed that most of it’s sculpting icons are from blender (the prototype might be built on top of blender). I couldn’t find the prototype build though. Maybe they’ll release the source code for this later. It would be nice to have something like this inside blender.

Here is the research paper:


What i also like about it the pinch magnify stroke repeater creating verry smooth strokes

This is an interesting approach but only really useful for hardsurface sculpting, organic shapes do have repetition patterns, but they tend to be less “guessable” .


WTF, I knew about style transfer but thats crazy.

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Artist is mastering its tool :wink: keep it up!

Based on my needs what I can keep from this wish list:

  1. To apply various corrective tasks on the surface. The best starting point in practical terms is by using the flood fill algorithm so with a brush template (say smoothing) and with some masking this would happen easily.

  2. Currently adaptive topology breaks uv mapping. It would be very interesting if uv could be maintained in someform or another, even if they look stretched.

  3. This is form some older video (not posted here), to generate a mesh out of a 2d plane (curve or shape or grease pencil). Currently there is a manual way to do this with solidify+subdivision but having the system generate it on the fly with proper topology is more robust.

I am taking out the AI factor here to provide a simpler ground, AI in graphics applications is still new approach so little findings exist yet about what is useful or not.