Autodesk 123D is here!

Free NURBS for the masses… at least for now!

I tried it already, my system ain´t bad, but somehow the whole show is rather sluggish.
Feels like working with close to be frozen modelling clay with the density of lead in slideshowspeed in the supplied robothero scene.
Extrude, rotate, translate, all is sluggish and unresponsive and the CPU ain´t even at 100%


Agreed, viewport is slow as hell, moreover if compared to the super-smooth experience of MoI.
Even package size comparison shows two completely different worlds: 450MB VS 13MB! O__o
Better check back and see what will happen in 3-6 months…

For the masses? Are you kiddin?
It’s windows only.
You fail, autodesk, you fail.

The masses use Windows, don’t you think?
Wanna show off some figures about OS diffusion?

When making ANY software, it’s best to make it compatible with ALL OS. That just looks like common sense to me. What runs through a companies mind when they decide to make software for only one os, i will never understand… unless of course, they are payed good money for that. That just makes me pissed.

The masses… well, a higher percent. But Macs are getting more and more popular these days…
The only reason why windows is more popular is because of compatibility.

I don’t think so, but I guess neither you or me want to start an OS fight.
I’m not an Autodesk fan, too, so… happy Blender!

Well that depends on whether the technologies (libraries, frameworks etc.) you are using are cross-platform.

Don’t you know that they could easily, and probably have it in the other OS, but if you don’t cross their palms with silver they won’t put it out. As they or Apple have to exchange permissions to access OEM data because its not really free. its only free as a promotion for their brand name. its not really free. Get that down, Its Not Really Free. INRF, or Its Free In Name Only, IFNO, like Schwartsenegger is a republican. No one can truly compete with the Blender Foundation’s “product” because its driven by those writing the code, who are led by their own needs and vision ass they themselves USE the “product”. This will NEVER EVER happen at AutoDesk (whom I prefer to call Ohiodeska, as they are “japanese” in their industry outlook) their product’s development is driven by their greed to squash competition, and acquire those who are creative. I remember when Maya was an unknown quanta, used by motion picture companies, it was the cutting edge. Now its just an amusing toy, that costs you extra money.

:frowning: I refused to download after seeing the size of that 123D, everything comes from Autodesk is huge :frowning: is any modeling tool really worth ~400Mb ?

is any modeling tool really worth ~400Mb ?

There really isn’t anything in a modeling tool worth that size.
Perhaps it has a huge help file or something?

Man you kids cry like babies - seriously.

Do you know what this is? This is not a light weight static modeler like MOI.
MOI is made for 3D Sketching.

This is a full NURSB Surface / Solid modeler with a design tree and assembly line.
Propably a light version of Autodesk Inventor.

While free, you can only export into 2d, STL and STEP (NURBS) which still is fine for us.

The OpenGL interface can use realtime AO and AA - if you turn this off, the selection speed of parts is much faster.
And I am running on a laptop and it is ok to use - not the fastest - but it is now snail slow either.
When you change filet values in realtime - it is updating that instantly.

I rather have a slower screen refresh then not having those features :wink:

I actually attempted to try out Autodesk’s free version of their sketching app, but the d/l was so huge I said forget and opened up Mypaint instead :slight_smile: Seriously, what is this insane bloat?

Oh, hooray for 123d and all that.

You consider 400MB a huge download? Took me 4 minutes to download and it comes with a material library for what I saw.
The executable is only 500kb… Blender´s huge compared to that :wink:

Anyways. Where did you find those AO and AA settings Claas?
I can´t find any, and on top of that there are DirectX files in the apps folder. It runs in DX?
If it still runs in OpenGL, is it possible that you got a Quadro in your notebook?

And I got no problem with the viewport, rotating, panning - lightning fast (100fps+ in the robot scene)
And when I select a part it works still fast, and when I go to edit and try to move a part, it gets all sluggish. Really unusable, when I drag the mouse, it takes 1-2 seconds to update the movement value and another 1-2seconds to move the part.

The executable is only 500kb
So why the other 399,500KB? Eh not all of us have a T1 line…

Yes it runs in DX only. “FOR THE MASSES!”


it is here - btw just guessed openGL but it is DX driven.

Jay why dont give it a try and see what it can do or watch some of the videos.
This will give you an understanding of the complexity and depth of this freebee.

It is targeted for consumers and very good.


It’s good! Like a smooth SketchUp! However, it just seams like an attempt to draw attention to their bigger 3D software pieces. Its not like anyone new to the 3D scene is going to shell out $238472389472934 when they can pick up Blender…That’s what I did. It just shows how GOOD the open source scene is at the moment. The last program I bought was Photoshop CS3, and I have no plans to upgrade it when GEGL and “Layer Styles” are on their way to GIMP…I’d rather pick that up and donate to the project instead of shelling out £300 of CS5. These big companies (imho) are starting to get scared by the massive impact free/open source is having now and they need to change their game some what. My bets are on it staying free. Rant over :slight_smile:

Beware that it is probably the usual free-in-beta-afterwards-your-credit-card-will-shriek deal. I also don’t like the we-need-an-internet-connection thing (smells like spyware). For all other aspects, it looks great especially w.r.t. to workflow and UI (but this is obvious).

To Oki: you are waiting for GIMP: I really hope that you are a patient guy. I have set a timeout to GIMP (and its developers): either 2.8 is out and working at least decently on Windows by the end of this year or I will start saving money to get Photoshop. I need a 2D drawing/image editing program, not a cause to rally for.

jpb06 you should read more about this product and who it is made for first before judging it so harshly.

They try to reach the builders and smaller people and connect with RP companies to open a new business field.
You are a little paranoid about spyware as Autodesk would risk such a thing - they off access to their online product/model database via the internt. Octane also uses the internet for authentication and access to their live material database. Big spyware !!!

It will stay free simply because while makeing advertisement for their own other high services simply because they try to reach non pro designers and generate revenue with post services after the model is made.

123D does not support any highend 3D formats such as those from Pro-E or SolidWorks or AutoDesk Inventer.
Thus you cannot use it in a professional field where you need those programs.

In terms of speed parametric systems are never super fast their strength lies in editing features afterwards - but 123D is also not super blazing fast. This is by real no competition to their pro products.

This is like Maya PLE just for CAD.

What do you hope to gain by threatening a group of people who work on an open source project? They lose nothing if you jump ship.