Autodesk 2014

They got a pretty cool new website. Feature list seems small for most things, though some people are pretty excited over the Maya modeling tool updates.

3ds Max

It’s unfortunate though, I was just trying to ween myself off AD maya. This also means certain game studios which still rely on maya will be less likely to move to other software.

Makes me wish Maya was not an AD product, or rather AD wasnt so messed up.

The fact that there are maybe less than a dozen videos on one page for each of their apps. gives an impression that these apps. aren’t advancing near as much these days compared to Cinema 4D, Modo, and even Lightwave. Though they do seem to know how to make a fancy-looking viewport.

Hopefully we’ll soon see the conclusion of the Viewport FX project that will give Blender a good foundation on which to incorporate sleek and modern features for the viewport along with high-performance (which is still ongoing according to recent comments), look at what’s been happening to the modeling tools since the inclusion of Bmesh.


It’s one thing to charge so much for the name Autodesk, but I just can’t get past the fact, for decent education to proficiently learn it, you have to pay for that as well. You would think, for that much money, a free training course would be included. I’ll live quite happily without all the pretty bells and whistles. Besides, the $2500 will go a long way towards a new 12 core, multi-card, computer.

I sometimes see dead apps

Everybody with this origami graphic these days! Nice updates but no massive innovations to cry for to me.

Actually if you are a student, they give you access to all autodesk products for free.

Back before they offered that, you did have to pay for it. I purchased an education edition for their 3d suite and it was supposed to be for a life time. A few months later they started giving it out for free and my life time student version ran out a year later. Got screwed over twice by them. For home use it doesnt make sense to buy an AD license anymore, cant rely on AD.

I heard from an AD developer that they dont care if people pirate the software either, so thats probably the best way to learn it. They just go after anyone trying to make money off of the software without a license.

All major 3D apps seems to be improving their viewport performance these days (even if it was rather lame improvements for Softimage)

Hard to say with studios. The classic case of it often costing more to swap applications in an established pipeline than just continue doing business with Autodesk applies I’m sure.

Reading various forums quite a few are talking of canceling their subscriptions (whether they do or not is a different story of course). Given the price hikes, even the Maya upgrade is pretty disappointing for a lot of people in contrast to Modo, Cinema 4d, Lightwave, Blender, Zbrush, etc. You do have to kind of wonder where all the money goes. Those new feature lists are really small.

By the way, whats the deal with symmetry being listed as a new feature? Did Maya seriously not have symmetry or is that a mistake?

Modo has came more powerful you can subdivide 60 millions polygons without problem and is a better tools for modeling and know animation is really nice

I just looked at a few of the new logos for the Autodesk apps. Not to say I hate them, but they do seem to be…well… boring. They don’t say to me like these apps. are truly powerful 3D apps. that are the industry standard for artists.

Now it does look like Autodesk is spending a lot of time rebranding itself so as to grease the wheels on its marketing engine (which might be enough to make even these releases look spectacular to the average person). Now I look at the other apps. and they seem to have the marketing down as well, but they have larger releases.

Blender is more or less the opposite of Autodesk in terms of marketing vs. app. developing, the way Blender is marketed through the official website may leave some things to be desired and many say it’s not near as good as the program itself, but we’ve had some amazing releases over the past year.

Why so much rant ? People use what software they want to use! If some want to pay Autodesk XXXXX.XXXX.XXXX sum ? Let them pay , everybody is happy with what they like and buy! Ranting about feature and other things when it is a Commercial product production HOUSE is like talking to the trees , if they don`t have the feature you are looking for you buy another APP. When you buy a car you ask manufacturer to make a car for your taste ? Nah! It will give you the car they designed and you as a customer you buy or not buy it!

Why this ongoing dispute don`t finish ? from Autodesk Products , Rhino ,Zbrush Cinema4D and Blender ; GIMP , Paint.Net etc. and Photoshop. People use what you are happy with it to use to make the things you want to do.

If i had money i had bought Autodesk products and Zbrush and Photoshop.

It is my preference if I want from the money to buy a laptop and use free software.

Let people chose what they like and what they like to use to make the job done.


Cause lots of users act like Blender is their toy , 3DS Max is their toy and so on , when you buy a toy you have no option to say to be modified.

If Blender Foundation gives the right to step in , be aware before arguing to get some programmer DEGREE and do SOMETHING rather ranting about features. How about more coding and less political talk ?

We want , we want , we want !!! If you really want something , get a developer , give him food and pay his rent and get more developers in BLENDER!

Nobody was ranting in this thread.

Maya 2014 features:

Symmetry video direct link:

Some of the modeling tools look interesting.

Love painting tool (rather scattering).

Why are Maya and 3DSMax still two different apps? They serve damn near the same purpose… sure, one is better at one thing than the other, but why not combine it and make it the best of both worlds?

Because they prefer you buy both. :slight_smile:

Because you can’t take the code of two different programs merge the two together and hey presto you have may/max 2015. Because the two have a user base that has them as a key stone to their pipelines the will always be customers for the two so might as well sell them both.

If AutoDesk killed Maya or Max there is no guarantee that those users would switch to one of their program the could switch to a competitors program.

Don’t forget Luxology was demonstrating this on a 8 cpu monster of a rig with oodles of ram and a Titan gpu. Users with more realistic systems have already commented that they are unable to reach these figures. Don’t believe the hype.

Animation is still clunky, if you ask me.

A lot of AutoDesk users are very, very unhappy about just about all the new releases. Maya is okay, but I haven’t seen anyone even close to happy in regards to all the other products. Emotions range from sheer indifference up to raging rants. AD is going to lose subscriptions and users over this.

Also interesting to note that Modo’s new release is stirring up some spite in the Maxon communities. All in all, based on the comments on the majority of CG forums we may expect a new influx of fresh Blender users :wink:

In the meantime Blender’s development goes ahead as expected (though with some bumps in the road here and there), with every new release date being a happy day in my life, and fun new add-ons appearing on a regular basis.

Interesting times, indeed.