Autodesk buys Arnold renderer (isn't a joke)

Oh nooooooo!!!

Autodesk just bought Arnold and Solid Angle. Well, I start to think Autodesk is going to buy even my soul.

The link —>

The news on Solid Angle website

I just let out a loud “No F8cking way!” in the office…

Lets bundle it in maya and stop supporting it for all non adsk software from now on then. Great, just great. :slight_smile:


yeah, big news. Will it be softimage after some years? Will it be autodesk-only-plugins?


Call me ignorant

but frankly I don’t care what you say it’s a loss for all of us
Autodesk’s track record with how it treats the software it buys is depressing.

Yeah, my very first word at reading that email was, “Ewwwwww!”

I wonder how many patent infringement lawsuits are going to come out of this.

Chapeau to Autodesk for the investment.

Big company = evil is an outdated cliché for losers.
The same losers who would lick Darth Vader jewels just to work as a toilet’s janitor on the Death Star.

But just to be clear, I don’t consider you as the previously described kind of losers.
Some of you are just worried cause you’re arnold users, others are anxious for the status of “industry’s” morality and the respect for softwares’ right.

I suppose you didn’t read the article then.

AD will help in marketing a training, the company Solid Angle will continue to operate and sell the product as usual.

Little reading first might help :wink:

Of course they’d say that. Let’s check in a few years if that’s still the case.

It doesn’t matter what they tell in that article, as a Softimage user and ex-Autodesk customer I have some experience about what they say in their marketing blabla announcements in comparison to what they really do.

What an irony… Brecht is now an Autodesk employee too >.<

I’m not really sure what Brecht will be doing or what he is doing now, considering that when he left to work on Octane he wasn’t there for very long.

I believe that at the least, he did spend quite some time with Solid Angle, though at this point his activity on seems to be a bit more than usual (it’s always possible he had the chance to walk away if he was made to sign any new contract should he continue with Autodesk).

It would be nice if he did come back to continue work on Cycles, the BF may be able to afford a better salary for him now with the Blender cloud fund.

Where is the irony? Had Brecht ever said that he never would have worked for it?

Corporate damage control doesn’t work on me unfortunately for autodesk.

The only good thing that can come out of this is that 3ds max will ship with a renderer that isn’t terrible.
I won’t underplay it, that’s good.
Since the majority of 3d artists use 3ds max and vray maybe Vray won’t be a necessity anymore and more great CG art will come from people who got out of art school with a copy of 3ds max but no vray licence

It’s called a monopoly, which results in everyone getting screwed without exception.

Big Company = lack of competition = lack of innovation = everyone just needs to bend over… the American dream.

This is BAD, really bad IF you have an Solid Angle pipeline. That is why Renderman is IMHO always the way to go. You never get sold over by Disney. Also Autodesk will never understand Disney.
Autodesk is primarily a buyer, not an innovator. Maya buyed, Softimage buyed, 3D Max buyed, Flame/Inferno buyed, Naiad buyed, a TON was buyed.

If you want to know a company, look at the ROOTS of it: Autodesk was purely a CAD company. They neither invented nor established ANY 3D Animation or Advanced Compositing. This were STUDIOS like Pixar, Disney, Dreamworks who got real Innovators like Discreet, The Foundry, Alias, Wavefront, SideFX, and many, many others!

Thank God they cannot buy at least Blender :stuck_out_tongue:
I can imagine how TDs that invested millions in Arnold are pulling their hair out right now if they think about the future and especially if you have in-house tools developed for the future around it…
Thank God its not me :slight_smile: Renderman all the way! We welcome our Disney overlords, shall you long prosper! LOOL :smiley:

While I do agree I’m getting sick of people complaining about corporations because they’re succesful and for no other reason than because they’re succesful,

There are very very legitimate reasons to not like autodesk

I mean, sure they have 1 good idea every 5 terrible ideas they have(I would have never been a 3D artist had it not been that I downloaded 3ds Max 2011 student edition)

But they just buy out competition for no other reason than to stop them from overtaking them(I fear the day where they’ll buy maxon, I know they probably won’t but… that 15% of probability…)

In other words,
Monopolies are bad.