Autodesk Flex

Is it just me, or does this new Flex service make no sense whatsoever financially, compared to a regular sub/year?

It potentially makes sense as an alternative to floating licenses. Production can scale to any number of workstations without needing to maintain that many licenses for the entire billing period. At a glance it also looks like there’s a cloud system to facilitate offsite use which may require less upkeep than an normal license server.
It also looks like the tokens can be spent on any software? Meaning you’re fully in control of what you’re actually subscribing for (unlike Creative Cloud).

Actually kinda cool even if not for individuals. But also it’s Autodesk and I have zero use for any of their software.

You did see the tokens expire after a year? Crazy…

I did, that’s why it’s only worthwhile at a particular scale and most attractive for flexibility. It would be interesting to see a cost structure aimed at individuals. For example I use Substance Designer a lot but rarely touch Painter or Alchemist (or whatever it’s called now). It would be nice to not need to pay for all of them just to use one, even though I occasionally need the others.

On reflection it looks like I’m shilling the product for corporate use, when personally I actually find these casual license setups gross because they further dis-incentivized maintaining on-staff talent.

It makes sense for larger studios, where you have multiple people using multiple pieces of AD software infrequently. It doesn’t make sense for freelancers and individuals.