Autodesk MeshMixer 2.2 released.

check it out here

new features added.

How long before they kill this too?

until they find a way to merge it with Maya :smiley:

When you launch that new version after finishing to installing it, make sure at the panel that popup from autodesk telling it is gathering data on you that you click on “Learn More” , and scroll down to the bottom so you can -uncheck- the data gathering allowance that is checked by -default-

Sad that such an amazing free tool is getting that, and very nasty to have such thing that easy to miss if you don’t agree with those kind of practice.

that or just block meshmixer in your firewall

Is it just me or does meshmixxer grossly lack tutorials?

Isn’t that normal for free software?

Depends on its age and user base.
The software is still one with loads of potential. Just some of the advanced stuff shown in the release videos is hard to access without guidance.