Autodesk Monopoly on high-end software?

OK. I was offline for about 5 years, and out-of-the-loop as far as the CG software industry goes, just happily using Blender and updating it periodically by dl-ing at friends houses. I recently learned that Autodesk now owns Maya AND Softimage (and Mudbox … did they develop that themselves or aquire IT too?). How the hell did that happen? And how is this not a monopoly on the high-end CG software market. Sure, there’s still Lightwave, but Maya and Softimage were (and are?) the primary high-end apps in the field, and competitors in the market. From what I can see, or mis-understand, Autodesk has largely converted Softimage into a facial-animation app, left Maya mostly as-it-was, and continues with Max un-heeded. Not to mention they’ve aquired Flame, et al … how can they be allowed to do this? Without the competition, it seems to me that real innovation will now die, if it hasn’t already.
Just ranting a bit. That’s all. Thanks for reading. :rolleyes: :spin: :stuck_out_tongue:


Next thing they will buy Bentley

Good thing there is Blender

Hope it wont start to look like 3d studio max (oh nooooooo)

Like that abomination Photogimp, gimp is ok as it is

If innovation becomes dead because of Autodesk it will give the Blender devs. an opportunity to get Blender to be one of the industry’s more innovative apps. along with the current innovation being seen in Zbrush, Modo, Houdini, and Lightwave Core.

The development and bug-fixing cycle slows significantly in any app. purchased by Autodesk save for the first new release or the major new features being the integration of 5 year-old plugins with an enhancement or two. Blender already is one of the fastest developed apps.

Yep, too bad being a monopoly isn’t illegal. Hell, the gov’t hands out monopolies every hour of every day through the various intellectual property laws.

The ‘crime’ is abusing your monopoly position…unless, of course, you happen to have a gov’t granted market monopoly then, abuse away…

IIRC they bought Mudbox from Skymatter which was founded by some former employees of Weta and EA.