Autodesk SketchBook Pro?

so… i got in the mood to see if 3ds max got any cheaper, and it did 600 euros yay. still a to of money… anywho click’d the products tab to see what other products they have (less expensive stuff :stuck_out_tongue: ) and found Autodesk Scetchbook Pro at 59$ pc and mac 5 euro ipad and 1.5 euro on android.

Is this a good alternative for the 800 euro photoshop ?

Try mypaint first, it has a pretty fast interface and a decent selection of brushes.

As a photoshop user I would advise photoshop (obviously). Its a very usfull program that is industry standard. However I suggest Gimp if pricing is a limiting factor for you. It is open source, quite simular to photoshop, and like Blender has a significantly large on-line community. Other options include and inkscape.

My experience with Sketchbook is limited to the Iphone version, which is a little bit slow with the microprocesesor used.

the tablet part interested me take a pen a ipad/galaxy tab and start drawing etc. i don’t find it to comfortable working with a wacom tablet or the mouse

they have a student version which you can use for free, which has all the the features of the pro, but images you create might contain watermarks, try it before buying it.

Sketchbook Pro for mac is AWESOME.
It is not and cannot replace Photoshop.
Sketchbook Pro is for sketching and painting.
Photoshop is for a million things and sketching and painting are like a few rooms in a mansion.
It’s not Apples to Oranges, it’s Apple’s to Fruit Stand.

Sketchbook pro is lightweight, cheap, tablet centric, (every command is pen-input friendly, which you can’t say about photoshop) and has some very cool stencil tools that work much like you would use a stencil in the real world, also very unlike photoshop. IF you have it on a mac you can use iCloud to sync it up with the iPad version. I’ve taken drawings done on the train and one-click opened them on the desktop for uprezzing and finishing. Pretty nice workflow. Not sure if the price came up but I got it on the Mac App Store for $40, and the iPad app is only $10. Also, not sure if this is true for PC’s but there is a Free Sketchbook Pro Express app available to start playing with.

If you want to collage a bunch of stuff in with your painting, or warp layers, or work with hundreds of layers grouped into folders, or if you want to take your color image into LAB or CMYK color space, or check a histogram, or batch process 8000 images, or have amazing filters and plugins, then go with Photoshop.

Listen to this. very fluid painting program. its not meant to be a replacement photo editor.

Yes, Mypaint is a great painting and sketching program.