Autodesk threatens Mywavia Studios

Hello, I am the director of Mywavia studios pvt ltd. We are a small company with 5 employees. We bought two adobe master collection licenses costing around 3.5 lakhs INR and necessary windiws 7 versions are also bought. We use open source blender for our 3d modelling. We evaluated autodesk maya trial version for 30 days and didnot produce any commercial content, and didnot proceed further because the cost was too prohibitive. After an year, march 2013. Autodesk employee came to our office and accused us we are using its software and threatened with audit etc if we dont settle matter. I told him to leave and get proper documentation before u do an audit. This is proper harassment into buying their software. I filed a police complaint against the autodesk employee. Any advice on what all actions I should do to avoid further harassment? I have got an attorney now to see what suits I am bring them on.

What kind of business practices are these?


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1.) To all that have a “valid” licence of Autodesk products: Deleting the product you use or permanently “try” is simply not enough. You have to delete both AD licence and software you use.
2.) AD has to prove you used their software to create any digital content, not you. If they can prove they own the content you created and they have legal rights to sue you.
3.) Without court warrant your data is protected on your PC in most civilised countries. Without court warrant you can’t go in somebody home or business office. The only legal exception is if you live in US and you are a threat to national security.

P.S. If it somebody came to me like that I would certainly kick his ass, then sue him and AD for legal, administrative incompetence and extortion.

That is not an Autodesk employee but someone that wants live his dream

right on Bao2, see if he really works ad AD. I use the student version of AD and no one has tried to kill,hang or threaten me. for my commercial models i use blender 3d also the two programs are on different computers and the files from AD don’t leave or go on to my Blender 3d computer.