Ok, i’m on Windows XP and i cant find my autoexec.bat

I ran a search for it , but nothing turned up.

Windows XP uses the NT core, therefore, there is no Autoexec.bat file (and none is needed).

If you want to define your Pythonpath, you have to create a new environement variable in your System settings. I don’t quite remember the actual process though.


Under win2000 pro, I use a very simple autoexec.bat with only one line: the python path. no problem.


JMS: thanks for the info. I always thought NT wouldn’t execute if there were one.


. . . . so what do i do?

Answered by Eric in Q&A when asked about setting evironment variables in XP for the Lightflow script:

But i need this to make python work.

Without doing this i cant use python plugins :frowning:

I’ve never used Python, so i have no idea what i’m doing.

Why do you think you need autoexec.bat? PYTHONPATH is an environment variable, and you set environment variables in XP as Eric explained. As I don’t have XP, maybe somebody is willing to give a step by step explanation on how to do this exactly in XP.

That would be so Awsome.

I dont even know what python really is.

I just know how to do simple modeling in blender.

hey I have also Win XP

I have just entered the Pythonpath in Blender
and since then it functions
No problems since then.

Ok this is really simple:

1)Right-click my computer and select properties
2)Go to the Advanced tab
3)click the button called “Environment Variables”
4)In the System variables section, click “New…”
5)For the variable name, type “PYTHONPATH”
6)For the variable value, type “C:\PYTHON20;C:\PYTHON20\DLLS;C:\PYTHON20\LIB;C:\PYTHON20\LIB\LIB-TK”
7)click OK
8)click OK
9)click OK

and your’e done

Some keywords so searches will turn up this post:
Set up python in blender
can’t find random
Python path
windows 2000 XP

Just copy everything from the blender folder into your python dir.

It never failed me yet :slight_smile:

Ok, i did all that stuff, now what do i do.

Where do i get the scripts, what do they do etc. I dont know any of it.

Python is for scripting, ABSOLUTLY NOT REQUIRED for a total newbie. do yourself a favor and forget the word python for 4 months, and focus on using blender, then if you want to do some scripting, look into it. i’m a big programmer, but i never quite got into python.

Well i’m jsut interested in using some of these pugins.
I’m not really sure whats goin on with them?

I need to learn how to use all these functions of blender.
All i really use is like Subdivide and Extrude.

I dont really use much more than that. . … . .

Oh well.

you dont need python for plugins, but for scripts

Um. . .ok