autoexec files missing....

hey all as alot of you may know iv been having alot of trouble with my computer and me and my dad just been looking and we found that for some reason all the autoexec.bat files and startup files (located in msconfig in run) are all missing and im very sure this is the reasons for my trouble and i wonderd how i can restore these files?

Thanks Fudge

By re-installing windows. There’s no other reliable way, unless you’ve backed your system up. If you go into safe-mode and initiate a system restore you might have a chance.

is there a way just to reinstall c:windows without removing all the other things like program files and my documents ect?


The Program Files folder will be okay. You might want to make a backup of the documents folder just in case (but I doubt anything will happen to it).

do you have a cd burner in that computer? or is your computer connnected to a lan? backup the files that you think are important.

get ALL the shit from your computer. the only way you can do that is to format the harddisk. (your computer gets a LOT faster then).

im sounding very drastic but a fresh start will do your computer good.

yeh im going to do a full format of my comp one problem iv lost my windows 98 disc lol so im gonna have to find that before i can do anything and iv got a cd burner so ill burn everything to cd’s (i remeber last time i formatted i had to use about 50 floppy disc just for one folder was a pain in the ass)

don’t forget email addressbook and internet bookmarks