I’ve just been looking for some older threads, and I’ve noticed that all threads after a certain date appear to have been automatically locked. Is this true? Why is this?

It’s done this way to prevent people from bumping years-old threads.

Isn’t it funny that whenever someone bumps an old topic that hasn’t been autolocked, it gets locked by a mod anyway?

Well, whether it’s going to get locked or not depends on the thread (like the What does everyone look like thread). If the auto-lock threshold is set to something like just three months, some valuable threads that are allowed to be bumped (when the poster has something actually useful to add, or when its original poster does an update) might become lost among the other ones. On the other hand, when it’s someone adding something as useless as “zomg thanks!” or trying to answer to someone who probably doesn’t even post anymore, it’s instantly locked as it should be.

Hmm, I can live with not seeing 4 year old threads bumped back to the top. Now people will have no choice but to check the date:)

A couple times I’ve resurrected my own old threads when revisiting projects. Will I have to start new threads now, or could I PM a mod and have it un-locked?