Automated animation for cars

my way is much easier, using the auto drive,
may i use it to make a video tutorial

i used it to make this video


A car with no axels, very funny!:stuck_out_tongue:

not my most detailed car:o

what is “auto drive” ? is it a script for blender ?

not reallly its when you lay out a track for the car to follow.

i tried to follow the text put found it very difficult

Hi cekuhnen,

Have you tried my last Cars Autodrive 7.1.1 ? I released it few days ago, as well as a truck system :

There is a 111 pages PDF with around 100 images and step by step instructions to build the setup, but the blend file are ready to import and use in your projects. You only need to rescale the rig and parent your own car body and wheels.

Feel free to ask if something is not understandable.


is there a Blender 2.5 version?