Automated Multi Angle Rendering: 2 Downloadable Blend Files

UPDATE: Scroll down to my second post below for the other blend file :wink:

Automated Multi Angle Rendering

Not an image but a “finished Blender project” nonetheless :wink:

I posted this initially in response to Alltaken in another thread, but I felt it should be more widely visible and accessible to any Blender users out there who can use or adapt this for their purposes :wink:

This is a continuation of a technique I have used for previous projects such as “Another Girl with a Pearl Earring” and my long term virtual museum project.

Here’s what the file does:

Automatically render anything in the center of the circle in the file from multiple angles using nothing more than standard Blender objects and techniques.

The circle has an oscillating Local IPO curve which causes the camera to rise and fall as it encircles an object or scene, so as to reveal and render a model from many different sides.

The file has an example text object and a Susan.

You can adapt this for animations or single still shots.

You can adjust the file accordingly to meet your needs. It’s free and comes with no guarantees, so do with it what you will :wink:

You should be able to include the main ingredients from this file into an existing blend file by using the File: Append function in Blender. Alternately, you can Append objects into this file.

Instructions are included in the file, along with some tips.

The resulting output can be looped seemlessly for animations.

Here’s the blend file (small, approx. 100k)

I hope someone out there finds this helpful :slight_smile:


it is okay, but i can think of one inprovement.

double the running time and alter the rotation so as to cover all of the model more completely. Right now it doesn’t ever center on the upper right eyebrow area. If it did it one way and then ossilated to align the other halves the second time it would cover it completely.

Alternate Blend File Available (200 frames/expanded vertical viewing)

Thanks for the feedback SamAdam! Here’s another blend file :slight_smile:


This one goes 200 frames and ascends/descends higher and lower to show even more of the model.

Edit: Also, there is now a secondary Bezier Circle around which the Empty (which the camera tracks) follows. This inner circle can be resized, re-angled, and repositioned to bring the camera closer/further from one side of the model or to vary the render coverage even more.


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Can you then have a result like what Alltaken was after: the viewer being able to rotate the model around, sort of like in the panormas in quicktime?

Rotating the model would be easy enough if the model were rotated along the Z axis. Then the model could be rendered just using a camera parented to a bezier circle in one location.

The individual files from that render could then be used in HTML with forward/reverse button links so a person could travel around the model.

Additional angles would require more work, as I mentioned in the other thread, but it is doable.

I’ve been experimenting with stuff like this for a while with a view towards developing a simple mechanism for a virtual museum of sculptures I am creating. I won’t be rendering all possible angles.

I like S68’s and Macouno’s panoramic approach and results better though, since there’s more control over viewing angles and zooming in and out of a scene.