Automated script for keyframe selection

currently it only allows you to select the offset_amount meaning the gap between key-frames will add on more advanced selection and other stuff in the future


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just added a quick demo while working on displace feature.

quick demo of how it works no audio

i don’t wanna stop you but…did you hear of the commotion add-on?

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This is the thing that i kinda wanted to do with this add on and more

checked the add on as far as i could see you can’t select every other keyframe in blender

would like to hear how it’s done if possible with that plug in or blender :slight_smile:

yeah, you are right, it cannot do that. But it’s a bit hard for me to find a “real” use case for this. But i can understand that you develop it because it is fun, you learn a lot and if you have a use case for it and it makes your Blender creation quicker, it’s great!

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Update added spacing this currently only works for positive numbers, but will work for negative in the future,

this adds even space between frames for given range and pushes all other frames away so that the same gape can be had between key-frames, this allows you to slow down key-frames for a given range.

this is done by placeing the key-frame over the frame you want it to start on, and set the end frame where you want to end, the key frames after the end are not gonna get spaced out also the key frames before the start frame are not gonna get spaced out.

Negative spaceing added you can now push frames closer however take this number to high and it will delete frames that overlap

you also need to set the stop frame below the start frame as the way it works is the reverse of the positive spaceing

ADDED :: simple GUI