Automated Space Greenhouse

My entry for the 3rd CG Boost challenge of May !
The topic was “Fantastic Greenhouse”
I tried hard :sweat: but finished 4th. Well, not bad, 4/5 happy. It was the first time i work under a timeline, like a real job. Good experience. Somehow, i will work on focus, story telling and stuff in the future.
Made in Blender, some post process (basic, really) in Photoshop.
I also had fun adding more details on the robots when the challenge was over so i will show you as well.
Blender 2.8 (thank you Collection management system!) , rendered in Cycles.


The main image for the challenge :

AO pass so see the geometrical details :

Some fun with lights… i like red and high contrast… but i’m not dangerous i swear :

The gardenbot i had fun to add details to (shaders mostly) :slight_smile:


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That would be very nice and helpful. Thank you !


It must’ve been a lot of work modeling all of those plants.

The scene is just saturated with details as a result, so how did 2.8’s new collections system help and how much more difficult would it have been to make this in 2.79?

Well… collections, sub collection, sub sub… you just keep it all organized and clean i the outliner, allowing you to copy, move (inside the scene or between blend file!). I can’t say it was the same with layers… not “that easy”.

Oh yes, plants are mostly from Graswald :smile:
Well, most of people used assets for this challenge. i think it’s ok of course. Some winners used Speed Tree too, a big name in the industry, but Graswald is awesome… for it’s price… best grass/plants addon ever… !
Ivy are some “Ivy generator”, included in Blender and working like a charm in 2.8 !


This is awesome. I’m just going to through this out there - indoor hydroponic set-ups only actually use magenta lights as this is all that’s needed for photosyntasis. As the leaves are green, they absorb magenta light and refect green light. The red light version looks cool, but I think magenta lights could look cool also. -


Hey, thank you for the idea. i like accurate and realistic comment like yours !
Though, if i use magenta, then i will really have the feeling i have some textures missing in Blender haha :laughing: . I think Blender user react very quickly to this color !!!

He he - didn’t think of that! Maybe - not like FF00FF but FF11EE or somthing (not straight magenta)

You’re #featured! :+1:

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Thank you Bart !

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Absolutely epic scenery!

Stunning. Great concept.

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

Very nice project !

I love the red dark constrasted render :smiley:

By the way,

It reminds be about this old project I made on Blender, with friends, years ago.

It was called Astore Project, “Astore” was a french mix between “Asteroïd”, and “Torus”.

The idea was to create a whole science lab inside a Torus, digged into an Asteroid

The asteroid would be rotated to create gravity. At center, no gravity, which allows to have efficient Fusion Reactor (no energy used to sustent the fusion plasma into microgravity, like on earth)

A lot more renders are availale here :wink:

Wow, it was in 2014, I was very proud of the renders, and now I find it pretty ugly :joy:

See you :slight_smile: ++


Nice environment! I especially like the lighting in that gassy nebula.

Woo Tricotou ! This really look similar in the idea. Well, i’m french also… so maybe… inspiration came the same way ? haha.

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Everything is looking good, but I wonder where the gravity is coming from to affect the plants and make them droop over. Spinning station? Must be a large one then. :slight_smile:

haha. i see, you thought about that too… yes… me too… well “artificial gravity”… with some “stuff” making a similar pull than earth. Or… as you said, something spining… then yes, it’s huge otherwise it will have to spin really fast… well, i did not try to make some calculations :laughing:

but yes… honestly this question comes to my mind in SO MANY movies.
also the sounds in space battles. same… but have to admit that Star Wars space battles without blaster sounds would be… not as thrilling as they are. But yes, i did complain a lot about the death star explosion when i was a teenager… ! :joy:

getting out of subject. ! !