Automated way to extend a 2d silhouette into a 3d block?

I’m looking to create models that are basically acrylic charms - a flat 2d image with no holes and some (constant) thickness based on a certain silhouette. I have a batch of images with transparent backgrounds and mostly round edges, too much to manually trace one by one, which leads me to wonder: are there plugins or other tools that allow me to automatically transform a silhouette into an outline of verts or a 3d block with the same silhouette? Alternatively, anything that can speed up this process would help.

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You can drag your image to blender, go to “object” and select “trace image do Grease Pencil”. Adjust the values to get the best results and when finished you can convert your grease pencil object into a curve os a mesh object. I would suggest curve since it’s only a silhouette.

I would prefer to trace them first in Inkscape and import the svg file in Blender, but if you want to make everything in Blender, that’s the only way without making all manually.

Trance into grease pencil only works in B&W and it converts any color image in black and white for tracing. For now.

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