Automatic Duck gifts their products for free as goodbye goodie...

Automatic Duck Inc. created tools to collaborate between After Effects, AVID, Final Cut - thus obviously for Windows and OSX.
They decided to discontinue their productline and give away the latest versions for free.
The developer team moved to adobe, improving premiere pro and can´t maintain their tools anymore, so they give them away for free. The former price was around 500 Euro a piece.

We got After Effects and AVID in our studio, so this is good news, might be useful for one or the other freelancer or small, or even big studio :slight_smile:

In particular:
Pro Import AE 5.0
Import your Avid or Final Cut Pro 7 timeline into Adobe After Effects.

    <b>[Pro Export FCP 4.0](</b>

Export AAF files for export to Avid or Quantel editing sytems as well as Pro Tools digital audio workstations from FCP 7.

    <b>[Pro Export FCP 5.0](</b>

Export AAF/OMF files for Pro Tools from Final Cut Pro X.

           <b>[Pro Import FCP 2.0](</b>

Import OMF or AAF compositions from Avid editing systems, Toon Boom’s StoryBoard Pro or Pro Tools into Final Cut Pro 7.

Here´s the download page: