automatic irregular road

This is my first attemp to make a semi-procedural road in blender.
The blend is not clean but it works.
You can use the curve to change the length and the shape of the road



road.blend (65.1 KB)

road-2.49.blend (128 KB)

Wow nice! Just tested it, this is really nice.
That could really help me creating roads faster on a terrain I am building.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Nice little setup. I put a BevOB on the curve to actually make a road, but I can not get it close enough to the terrain without the terrain intruding upon the road.

Any tips on improving this?


road-2.49.blend (135 KB)

I think this is what you need.


road-2.49-flat .blend (138 KB)

Thanks Quen,
Thank using it
I ll be working on it.

Nice setup. I almost never think of using arrays. Good idea.
Shrinkwrap is one of my preferred tools. It allows many things.

If you are going to put cars on your road, just have a look to my various systems to allow automatic driving with ground level detection. They use Shrinkwrap sensors.

Yes¡ i want to put one car, thanks., this is my web if there is something interesting to you tell me and I´ll
send you the blend.

more clean an simple road


road2.blend (130 KB)

This one works


road-hi-def.blend (87.8 KB)road-low-def.blend (87.8 KB)