Automatic Jersey Number 3D model

Hi, apologies if I’m breaking any rules. New to the forum, but I’m working on creating my first 3D game and I’m using blender to create my models. I’m new to modeling and don’t know a lot of things yet, but my game is going to 32 teams and each team has a different uniform which I’ve already finished designing. I was wondering if there’s an easy way to generate jersey numbers so that I don’t have to design 99 icons for each of the 32 teams in photoshop. (I’m basically taking an image of the numbers atm and making it transparent and then putting it on a plane and bending it to fit the players back) but considering the fact that I have 32 different teams and I want the numbers to be different colors for each team that process would be very time consuming to create them all. Has anyone ever had to do something similar? How’d you work around it?

You could pretty easily use a Text object in Blender and make instances or duplicates of it, changing the color and numbers as needed :slight_smile: