Automatic Keyframe insertion for Camera movements in Camera View?

Is it possible somehow to use Automatic Keyframe Insertion - the red button - for the Camera in Camera View?

The purpose would be to record camera movements while the animation is actually playing. As opposed to manually inserting keyframes.

Woah, that is cool, I didn’t know you could do that. Yeah, you can. Just select the camera and move it while you’re playing the animation.

But Automatic Keyframe Insertion doesn’t work in Camera View - which is the only relevant view, as far as I can see…

What do you mean? I just did it. I selected the camera’s bounding box, and then pressed alt-a to play the animation and then pressed g to move the camera… Blender put in the keyframes as I moved it, as the animation played.

EDIT: I was also in the camera’s view, pressed 0 on numpad.

Well, I don’t use G.

If you want complete control over the camera, you have to lock the Camera to View (n/View/Lock Camera to View) and then use MMB or SHIFT-MMB or CTRL-MMB to move the camera.

When you do that, Automatic Keyframe Insertion doesn’t work - which I find peculiar since manuel insertion works just fine.

Sorry… what is a 3Dmouse?

It’s something like this which makes navigating Blender extremely easy.

But when I move the camera using that device, keyframes are not automatically inserted…

EDIT: I realize now that I can’t automatically keyframe the camera of this particular .blend file using my ordinary PC mouse either. So something must be corrupted in the file…

Okay, NOW I got the solution! :slight_smile:

Everything works with a Cycles camera – but it doesn’t work with my Octane Render camera! Wow…

Ah…, the trials and tribulations of technology, hunh…?

BOOM! And the crowd goes wild!