Automatic object deformation?


Are there any techniques to make objects automatically deform to seperate objects they come into contact with? Specifically, I’m hoping to get character bodies to deform to more rigid types of worn accessories/clothing - such as metallic jewellry, straps/belts, armour, etc.

By “automatically”, I mean I’d like to be able to simply pose the body with it’s armature, and have the clothing/accessory interact with the body to deform it as it would in reality - rather than clip through each other.

I’ve been going over the blender manual and trying different modifiers like mesh deform and such, but I’ve not come across anything that really does the trick…and soft body sounds like it’s just the thing I’d be looking for - but again, I just can’t seem to figure out how to make it work the way I want. :persevere:

Any help/tips would be greatly appreciated~

Is it ok to bump unanswered/unsolved threads around here? :<