Automatic remove of doubles after conversion

In my scenes i often mix poly objects and curve objects (2d curves with extrusions and bevelling). Each object types got their own benefits. But when i export the scene via OBJ the curves are converted automaticaly to poly objects. The problems is that the resulting converted mesh contains a lot of doubles which i need to remove then afterwards…

Ok i could convert the curve objects in blender already and remove all doubles but then a lot of comfort (the reason why using curves) is lost and each change on the geometry is like start from scratch.

Adding an option for a “automatic remove doubles” function to the exporter and converter (alt-c) would solve this.

What tolerance value would you use and how would you know if the value would be suitable before exporting. Don’t the exporter try abd make desicions for you, that’s your job

Tolerance could be zero. In this case these verts share exactly the same position: if you add a 2d bezier curve with some extrusion activated + fill set to both and then convert it to a mesh (alt-c) why are all faces disconected? sorry this makes no sense to me to do an additional remove of doubles in this case.

I think the conversion of curves to mesh could be imporved. What for are those verts not connected? Cant see any benefit here:spin: