automatic saving

When i add objects to my scene then i close the program, then reopen it at a later time i have to add those objects again because the scene is empty, is there a way when i close my program then reopen it the same amount of objects will be there without having to add them all over again?


Are you talking about in game mode or animation only? Sounds to me like you just need to save the file…maybe a dumb answer, but…in game mode (which I am working in), I save my work almost constantly, and anything new I’ve done is always in the most recently saved file when I open it. I actually save multiple sets of the same file/project with multiple names, so that I can explore ideas in the various tangents of the main file. That way, if I get lost, or decide the new direction is getting ugly ( or accidentally delete my entire scene/file), I can simply reopen a file containing an earlier version of the project and start fresh. Hope this helps :~)

i think he means in game added objects, through the ‘add object’ actuator. you’d have to use a game saving script, or globaldict. look here for that.

Check this thread:

see the AddObjectsDemo

I hope it helps

Hi digiman,

I switch two of your IPO’s to property mode.

saveloadtest_revised.blend (730 KB)