automatic smooth gradient weight assignment

Everyone -

Is there a tool, or a technique that can be used to automatically assign a weight gradient to a model? For example, I have a horse’s reins in a model, and I’d like to have the weights fade smoothly from red near the horses mouth to dark blue at the point where the rider would hold the reins, so that the head bone has smoothly proportional control over the amount the reins deform.

All the means Ive seen to paint this look like you have to do it by hand. Im aware there was a plugin for Blender 2.49 that would do this, but I havent had any luck identifying similar functionality in Blender 2.6.

Thanks much,


I’ve no idea :frowning: But I’d love to see more control over the weight paint as well.

I’m sure somebody could write a script (hint hint) that would give some basic tools (which should’ve been in Blender from the start, imo), such as gradients, random, image input, etc.