Automatic split into convex hulls?

Is there any tool (blender plugin or another program) that can automatically split arbitrary shape of mesh into convex meshes?

I’ve seen and tried a lot of apps and utilities, but that is not something I’ve come across.
Maybe you could fill us in on what the model and goal of splitting are, then we might be
able to offer a secondary solution. :slight_smile:

I attempt to develop a game with physics engine, which requires collision objects to be convex. It allows combining multiple convex hulls into one body to create non-convex body.
As it’s possible that the models might not be created by my self, but from somebody else, the mesh may be arbitrary shapes. So I want to find some automatic convex splitting tools.

Ah, well usually the more complex your collision objects are the slower everything runs.
It’s usually best to keep it simple with boxes and spheres.