Automatic thread locking needs to be disabled


something really needs to be done about automatic thread locking due to the large amount of flags. This feature can be easily abused by overly sensitive people to lock down any thread. We are not kindergarten kids here, so I am sure that manual admin moderation is a sufficient measure to keep the threads somewhat civil.

On old BA, it would never happen that some threads would get locked as soon as a discussion got even a little heated. Let’s not turn this into a snowflake hugbox, and let’s not punish us for the expressing our passion about Blender when we discuss it.


I agree, and especially in the following thread:

If this is temporarily blocked, then discussions and wars could be moved to, which would be really noisy for developers.

+1 I’m sure people already use it because they don’t like what the guy said or think it’s off topic even if it’s in topic.

yeah you, I know you did it on purpose, reveal yourself :smiley:

It definietely has the potential to be abused. At the same time, there have been plenty of endless fights in the old forum. I think it is not that unreasonable to keep it for now. In this case, it would not have been necessary to lock it in my opinion, but how do you want a machine to detect whether it is necessary or not?
What’s happening right now is a joke in my opinion, because some mass flagging seems to take place. But this mostly started after the thread was temporarily closed.
Edit: I wrongly assumed that people were flagging posts to avoid the system. But it seems that the moderator did that manually for posts that were kind of surrounding and not on topic.

On some forums/sites, there is a voting system, if a post has too many down votes, the post is hidden, people can see it if they want.

Such as Reddit.

We must construct additional pylons.

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How is this different from what we already have? If a post is flagged, it gets hidden. I am not sure how many flags are needed though.
When the thread was closed, I think there were only two flagged/hidden posts. In a heated discussion, there would most likely be way more flagged posts and not just two. It might help to increase the number of hidden posts before the a thread is locked.

I did see the hidden post only after the thread was closed ^^

And indeed, my bad it’s what I proposed. :sweat_smile:

As far as I know, the system can’t be gamed in the way way you’re describing. One person flagging a whole bunch of posts in a thread isn’t going to trigger the autolock. However, when a lot of people begin flagging each other, that’s when there’s a clear indicator that the discussion has gotten heated and there’s value in a cool-down period.

A moderator can always unlock a thread early. In this case, though (and in yesterday’s case), it was warranted and actually helped the discussion get back on topic… at least for a little while.

In our previous forum software, a moderator could come in and try to settle things down, but it would often be too late or the moderator’s message would get ignored, forcing more drastic measures. This system really is superior.


I’m with Jason here. It’s a good precaution to let things cool down for a while when they get out of hand. And as he said, it only happens when enough people flag multiple posts.

If we find that the current settings are too sensitive we’ll tune them.


I’m fine with the auto-locking as a circuit-breaking measure. If a group of people start to abuse it then well, the forum should have the old-fashioned moderation tools for that.


The main problem with down-vote style hiding is that it is often used to censor opinions and turn whatever the subject is into an echo chamber for the thought police.

Back on subject of auto locking: I find it annoying, especially on a large thread with many users. Would be better to just prevent the flagged participants from posting for the same cool-down. Let everyone else keep posting.


Agree. It’s not the thread that’s the problem, it’s the careless communication of 3 or 4 people. Punish those people, if enough community members flag your posts, maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to post for 4 hours. the problem isn’t the thread, it’s the bad actors.

If you lock down the bad actors, then perhaps the quiet, polite majority could get a word about 2.8 development in edgewise.


Well, here we are talking about “user” rather than “person”
Does the forum have any IP/Proxies control or something to avoid the same “person” having different “user” accounts?

Anyway, I do not think this happened in the thread in question. I’m more worried about the other thing that I mentioned in the message above, here we could allow some flame wars from time to time :slight_smile:

Yes, it has counter measures for that.

Auto locking is ok, the problem is kids who play with the flag button for nothing.
Most of the old BA reports were made with reasons like these:
“It’s rude” or “I don’t like this thread”.

I looked at the hidden posts, the vast majority of them were personal attacks or meme postings, not differing opinions.

If the flagging was about Blender fans censoring ideas from longtime Maya users, you would see a massive amount of posts hidden away (which isn’t the case).

Now I am very tempted to create a parallel account to test how it works :joy: :yum:

You’re referring to this, correct?

As much as I believe in our community and supporting Blender development efforts, we really can’t be responsible for the behavior of people in places other than this site. And I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally don’t want BA to the repository for all the negativity that people don’t want to post elsewhere. I’m not interested in moderating a trash heap.

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That’s actually not the case. But even if it were, our moderation team has pretty good judgment. We’re pretty adept at ignoring frivolous flags.