Automatic Vertex Groups

Modeling in Blender, exporting obj to Daz for rigging.
I have a Step 10 file and a Step 11 file.
The Step 10 file has 2 mesh/2 UVs.
Step 11 file has the Joined meshes/2 UVs and my Vertex Groups (276).

I am using DAZ for the rigging so, once my obj is exported to this program I can see if it is the result I want. If not, I go back to Step 11.

I’ve also tried going back to Step 10 which forces me to re-create my Vertex Groups in 11 (276). Trying to suss out an issue and Auto Generate would save hours of this ‘testing’ phase.

Is there a way to auto generate vertex groups? Having to rebuild the same 200 vertex groups, over and over and over and over and over again is painful.