Automatic vertex weighting

You can set a mesh object’s parent to an armature and select “automatic weights”. However, if you did this already and messed up the vertex weights, how can you perform automatic weighting again without clearing and setting the parent again? I didn’t find any hint anywhere. Isn’t it an available function or did I overlook something?

Not as far as I know - delete the vertex groups, remove the armature modifier, remove the parent and start over is the only method I know that works!

Good Luck, Clock.

In weight paint mode select the bone(s) you want to redo auto weights for and (shortcut) Key W to bring up the Specials menu while hovering in the 3dviewport. Assign Automatic From Bones in this menu will create new vertex groups if needed, assign vertices to the vertex groups, and set the weighting… only for the bones you have selected.

Ah, in weight paint mode! Yes, this works well. :slight_smile: Thanks Larry!