Automatic Weight Problem

Hey, I’m trying to rig this model with automatic weights, but it’s not working. I’ve tried to remove weights and moving points, but these things don’t seem to work. I just want the character model to be linked with the armature, not the bat. Could someone help and tell me what my issue is please?

I hope you guys have a good day!

Ninten.blend (1.6 MB)

There’s no point in wasting time trying to make auto weight painting work because it could never produce as good results as an artist can. Just do the weight painting manually.

Your mesh won’t work with automatic weights as you have found out. You have manifold edges; you have vertices behind other vertices closely spaced. You have mesh parts behind mesh parts. Like for instance your hair in the front is behind your head if you visualize it from the inside where the bone is. Your shorts overlay your legs and are behind your shirt. The rays can’t see through that, they are dumb. Auto weight is like a ray cast from the bones. If a vertex is behind a vertex, then how much weight should be put on the front vs the back and what if it can’t see it? That’s the issue, it can’t even guess. If you have disconnected edges which you do, then the rays go off to never never land and return back an error. You can fix your mesh or you can try other methods as suggested above. Try envelope weights and adjust those. However, you will still need to manually adjust weights. As far as animation, you have tons of triangles which is not good. you will get flat spots on your animation because they won’t deform in Blender and that that may throw your shading off producing dark and light spots over your mesh. Try to keep your triangles to as few as possible for Blender, or Maya, or 3D max. The good part, it’s cute!