Automatic weights causing distortion

Hi Folks,

I’m on the nursery slopes with Blender here. I Imported this figure I did in ZBrush that I want to rig. I built the armature bone by bone using rigify but when I try to bond the rig to my mesh I get these weird distortions. Anyone able to give me an idea what’s causing it and how to stop it happening?

Any advice would be much appreciated,

Cheers, Mike!

Distortion 1|412x500

Really almost need a blend. But did you move bones in object mode? Did you make sure you applied your transforms on your model? Try this. Go to your model and clear your armature parent and then apply your transforms. Then go to your armature and apply your transforms. If it changed then you need to enter edit mode after you apply your transforms and position the bones again. Also your model may not animate if it is straight from Z brush. You may need to retopo the model to work with Blender or any other animation software because normally the mesh will be too dense.

This happens often when you have some hidden transforms or bones moved. It can happens after you applied a symmetry too.
You can save a backup, and then unparent all bones, apply all transforms and apply visual geometry to mesh.
Then you can parent skeleton again and see if the problem is fixed.

Try disable the “deform” option on the eye bones.